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State Representative Donna Bullock has served the 195th Legislative District with integrity, grace and true Philly grit. She has been fighting for the issues that matter most to us.

In Pennsylvania you can now vote in person or by mail with no excuse mail in ballot. For up-to-date election information, visit votespa.com

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News Coverage

Jun. 19, 2020- Pennsylvania’s Legislative Black Caucus mourns Dominique Fells, Philadelphia Sunday Sun

Jun. 19, 2020- Philly’s police union spent decades amassing power. Reforms could cut its clout, Philadelphia Inquirer

Jun. 15, 2020- Say her name: Dominique Fells. And what Pa. Lawmakers can do next., Pennsylvania Capital Star

Jun. 13, 2020- Changes to police arbitration sought, Philadelphia Tribune

Jun. 12, 2020- Harrisburg pols want to blow up unions hearings that shield bad cops, WHYY

Feb. 3, 2020- Gun violence survivors rally at Pennsylvania capitol, WGAL8

Jan. 31, 2020- Which Pa counties and lawmakers received the most grant money under Gov. Tom Wolf, PennLive Patriot News

Jan. 6, 2020- As Philly clears homeless encampments, convention center and businesses work to fund permanent housing, Billy Penn

Dec. 19, 2019- How inaction in Harrisburg stalled a Philadelphia gun control law until 2020, Pennsylvania Capital Star

Dec. 11, 2019- Bike repair stations are finally coming to SRT, Philly Mag

Dec. 11, 2019- Getting creative to address crush of outstanding warrants, Tribune-Democrat

Nov. 28, 2019- Redefining could help families on edge, advocates say, Pennsylvania Capitol-Star

Nov. 25, 2019- State puts our children in danger by not allowing city to regulate guns, Philadelphia Inquirer

Nov. 20, 2019- “This is not about charity.  This is about investing in our children.” Pa. House, Senate resolutions aim to raise awareness of childhood homelessness, Pennsylvania Capitol-Star

Oct. 31, 2019- Pa. quietly reverses “Lunch Shaming” ban as school district debt grows, WHYY

Oct. 23, 2019- Ideas we should share: Community Solar, Philadelphia Citizen

Sep. 30, 2019- “You have a voice:” Young Philly writers take a stand against gun violence, WHYY

Sep. 30, 2019, At Mighty Writers Forum, officer holders and students share stories of gun violence and seek action, The Notebook

Sep. 6, 2019- Act to abate lead poisoning in Pa., Philadelphia Tribune

Aug. 29, 2019- Gov. Wolf announces “Lead-Free Pennsylvania” initiative, Intelligencer 

Aug. 29, 2019- Frank Oliver to get street re-named in his honor, Philadelphia Tribune

Aug. 13, 2091- Is Big Soda winning the soft drink wars, Politico

Jul. 24, 2019- City’s push for gun ban at rec centers faces legislative hurdles, Philadelphia Tribune

Jul. 24, 2019- Philly Council President Darrell Clarke calls for law banning guns at rec. centers. Can it pass Pa. legislature?, Philadelphia Inquirer

Jul. 24, 2019- Local and state leaders work to reduce violence at parks and recreation centers, 6ABC

Jul. 8, 2019- Female genital mutilation is now a felony offense in Pennsylvania, Your Erie

Jun. 27, 2019- Pa. legislature approves $90 Million for new voting machines, bill would end straight party voting, Penn-Live Patriot News

Jun. 24, 2019- Why doesn’t the Pa. budget plan include a minimum wage increase?, Penn-Live Patriot News

Jun. 17, 2019- Philly top cop wonder if gunmen are emboldened by perception of “no consequences”, Philadelphia Inquirer

Jun. 3, 2019- Bill to regulate human milk passes Pa. House, Penn-Live Patriot News

May 29, 2019- Hughes introduces bill to raise $85 million for immediate school repairs, The Notebook

May 24, 2019- Bill would shorten eviction process in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh-Gazette

Apr. 26, 2019- Legacy of Three Mile Island accident, political power of gas industry make nuclear subsidies an uphill battle in Pennsylvania, PA Post

Apr. 19, 2019- Lawmakers, PennEnvironment announce “Zero Waste PA” package to address single use plastic, litter, and a “throwaway” society, Philadelphia Sunday Sun

Apr. 10, 2019- Pa. proposal to reduce litter could add fee to plastic shopping bags, limit straws, Penn-Live Patriot News

Apr. 10, 2019- Pennsylvania lawmakers push to eliminate litter and single use plastics, WHYY

Apr. 2, 2019- Philadelphians told us their favorite outdoor spaces, Billy Penn 

Feb. 21, 2019, Pennsylvania lawmakers introduce bipartisan community solar legislation, Solar Power World

Feb. 19, 2019- Bipartisan bill would expand access to solar energy in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Capitol-Star

Jul. 19, 2018- Female Pa. lawmakers hope to help incarcerated women with series of bills, WHYY

Jun. 29, 2018- Wolf, Philly officials pledge $15.6 million to remove lead, mold, asbestos at schools, Philly Voice

Jun. 6, 2018- Gov. Wolf took a small step toward fixing Pa.’s gender pay gap. Will lawmakers take a bigger one? , Billy Penn

Jan. 23, 2018- Pa. high court throws out congressional boundaries, Philadelphia Tribune

Jan. 31, 2018- Lawmakers address need for anti-bullying at public hearing in Philly, CBS Philly

Dec. 2, 2017- Pennsylvania Black Caucus pushes for gun legislation, Philadelphia Tribune

Dec. 1, 2017- Donna Bullock tackles pollution on African American Families, Philadelphia Tribune

Oct. 24, 2017- Stop and Go Legislation Headed to Governor’s Desk, CBS Philly

Sept. 29, 2017-  Politicians, community leaders call on Amtrak to rename 30th Street Station, Philly Voice

Sept. 22, 2017- OIC powers up energy job training with $100,000 grant, Philadelphia Tribune

Sept. 21, 2017- PECO gives OIC $100K grant to grow job training program, CBS Philly

Aug. 26, 2017- Lawmakers concern lack of payment plan could lead to loss of crucial funding, Philadelphia Tribune

Aug. 8, 2017- Pennsylvania State House is called on to tax gas drilling to support public education, CBS Philly

Aug. 1, 2017- Local legislators speak out for Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, Philadelphia Tribune

July 10, 2017- Philly Lawmakers right to target stop and go nuisance bars, Philadelphia Inquirer

June 16, 2017- House bill to curtail stop and go’s advances, Philadelphia Tribune

June 6, 2017- Senate to consider bill banning plastic bag fees, Philadelphia Tribune

June 5, 2017- Legislators, hunger-fight push Pa. lunch-shaming ban, Fox 43

March 21, 2017- Diversity numbers improve: PA police, Philadelphia Tribune

May 22, 2017- Bullock, Fairmount CDC celebrate developments on West Girard Avenue, Spirit News

April 27,2017- Bullock, local politicians lead discussion on stop and go’s, Spirit News

April 10, 2017- Rep. Bullock hosts senior spring fling luncheon at Nellie Reynolds, Spirit News

Jan. 20, 2017- Bullock sworn into office, Spirit News

Nov. 15, 2016- Rep. Bullock’s efforts tackle rise in homeless youth, Philadelphia Tribune

Oct. 31, 2016- Lawmakers demand action on Philly’s lead paint scourge, Philadelphia Daily News

Aug. 17, 2016- PA State Rep. Bullock’s fight for fair chance housing legislation, Spirit News

Feb. 13, 2016- Freshman lawmaker to join influential legislative panel, Philadelphia Tribune


Opinions, Letters, and Blog Posts

Aug. 26, 2019- Not just the US Women’s Soccer Team: Pa.’s women of color are missing wages they deserve, Pennsylvania Capitol Star

June 1, 2017- OUR OPINION: Common Sense Is Rare on Guns, Philadelphia Public Record

May 30, 2017- OPINION:  When it comes to guns laws in PA, common sense is not all too common, Spirit News

Mar. 3, 2017- OPINION: How the State Senate Is Trying to Undermine Philadelphia’s Pay-Equity Law, Philadelphia Magazine

Feb. 5, 2017- Letters:  PA needs jobs, clean energy, published in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Jan. 29, 2016- I want to believe we can achieve equal pay in Pennsylvania, Women’s Law Project website

Oct. 3, 2016- LETTERS: Not enough needy families getting help, Philadelphia Inquirer

Aug. 29, 2016- LETTERS: Equal pay for same work, Philadelphia Inquirer

Aug. 28, 2015- The Easy Way or The Right Way, Philadelphia Public Record